Ramona Ene

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A starch-assisted synthetic methodology of multispheres ZnO-starch biocomposites was developed. An additional thermal processing of the ZnO-starch composites induces the formation of ZnO with donut-like morphology. The synthesis of single-phase zinc oxide with a spherical morphology is conditioned by the presence of starch, which acts as template,(More)
A bioinspired one-pot approach for the synthesis of ZnO-carbohydrate hierarchical architectures was developed. The synergy between a saccharide (mono-, di- or polysaccharide) that contains d-glucose units and triethanolamine is the key parameter of the synthetic methodology. The morphology of the ZnO composites is dictated by the saccharide used, and rod,(More)
Hierarchical flowers-like zinc oxide structures have been successfully obtained by a simple and fast ultrasound-assisted method performed in a ordinary ultrasonic bath using an ammonia solution and zinc acetate, in the absence of any surfactant or template. The composition, structure, crystallinity, morphology and optical properties of the materials(More)
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