Ramona Bucher

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It has generally been accepted that biomaterials adsorbing the least amount of the plasma protein fibrinogen following exposure to blood will support less platelet adhesion and therefore exhibit less thrombogenicity. Several studies suggest, however, that the conformation or orientation of immobilized fibrinogen rather than the total amount adsorbed plays(More)
We report a new method to characterize the local electronic properties of polycrystalline semiconducting thin films. A lattice of triangular gold electrodes, with a typical area of 0.2 mm, is evaporated on a p-type WS2 film. With the help of a conductive atomic force microscope, the current–voltage characteristics of the contacts established between the(More)
Electrochemical in operando X-ray diffraction (XRD) is a powerful method to analyze structural changes of energy storage materials while inserting/de-inserting charge carriers, such as Li- or Na-ions, into/from a host structure. The design of an XRD in operando cell is presented, which enables the use of thin (6 μm) aluminum foil as X-ray window as a(More)
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