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Trypanosoma cruzi isolated from 55 chronic chagasic patients were grouped into isozymic strains on the basis of electrophoretic patterns for a set of six enzymes. The total sample showed a distribution of asymptomatic (63.6%) and clinically ill (36.4%) patients similar to that generally reported for Chagas' disease. Six of the 12 zymodemes known to exist in(More)
In this study is presented the comparative therapeutical experience comparing the Allopurinol, Benznidazol y Nifurtimox, in a prospective following in a long term, considering the responses to the parasitemia, specific serology and evolution of the clinic manifestations and complementaries in the 535 chronic chagasic cases (44.5%), instead of 668 patients(More)
Laboratory and animal studies have demonstrated that pyrazolopyrimidines have significant activity against Trypanosoma cruzi. This clinical investigation was to ascertain the efficacy of allopurinol in the treatment of chronic Chagas' disease. Of 307 patients studied, 91 were untreated; the remaining 216 were divided into 4 treatment groups. These(More)
A black patient with the HELLP syndrome is presented. This syndrome is apparently rare in black patients in South African hospitals. In patients with gestational proteinuric hypertension, the importance of recognising epigastric pain is emphasised. The management of maternal thrombocytopenia and the possible consequences for the fetus are described.
BACKGROUND Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease produced by Mycobacterium leprae. In 1997 Venezuela reached the goal of elimination of leprosy as a public health problem (according to the World Health Organization a prevalence rate of ≤ 1/10,000 inhabitants), but five states still had prevalence rates over that goal. For this study we selected Cojedes(More)