Ramon Soranzo

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OBJECTIVE This work intends to evaluate the functional characteristics of the cerebral network during the successful memory encoding of TV commercials. METHODS We estimated the functional networks in the frequency domain from a set of high-resolution EEG data in a group of healthy subjects during the showing of commercial spots within a neutral(More)
In this study we were interested to analyse the brain activity occurring during the "naturalistic" observation of commercial ads intermingled in a random order within a documentary. In order to measure both the brain activity and the emotional engage of the 15 healthy subjects investigated, we used simultaneous EEG, Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), Heart Rate(More)
We estimate cortical activity in normal subjects during the observation of TV commercials inserted within a movie by using high-resolution EEG techniques. The brain activity was evaluated in both time and frequency domains by solving the associate inverse problem of EEG with the use of realistic head models. In particular, we recover statistically(More)
The use of modern brain imaging techniques could be useful to understand what brain areas are involved in the observation of video clips related to commercial advertising, as well as for the support of political campaigns, and also the areas of Public Service Announcements (PSAs). In this paper we describe the capability of tracking brain activity during(More)
In this paper we illustrate the capability of tracking brain activity during the observation of commercial TV spots by using advanced high resolution EEG statistical techniques in time and frequency domains. In particular, we analyzed the statistically significant cortical spectral power activity in different frequency bands during the observation of a(More)
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