Ramon Sanchez-Iborra

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The emergence of low-cost connected devices is enabling a new wave of sensorization services. These services can be highly leveraged in industrial applications. However, the technologies employed so far for managing this kind of system do not fully cover the strict requirements of industrial networks, especially those regarding energy efficiency. In this(More)
The increase in multimedia services has put energy saving on the top of current demands for mobile devices. Unfortunately, batteries’ lifetime has not been as extended as it would be desirable. For that reason, reducing energy consumption in every task performed by these devices is crucial. In this work, a novel opportunistic routing protocol, called JOKER,(More)
Nearly three-fourths of the world's mobile data traffic will be video in the next 5 years. Video is one of the most demanding services in terms of network efficiency, reliability, and quality. In this work, we present a comparative performance evaluation of three different video streaming protocols, namely MPEG-DASH, RTSP, and RTMP for both on-demand and(More)
Adaptive control systems for traffic signaling has been one of the most productive and studied research areas in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), as an effective solution to mitigate congestion and avoid its negative effects, and at the same time improving traffic flow and mobility. Nevertheless, the best methods in terms of traffic(More)
Coordination among traffic signal controllers in urban areas has been one of the research focuses on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Many investigations have addressed this topic with the aim of improving the average traffic delay in urban arterials usually by minimizing the number of stops or by maximizing the average speed of the road. Despite(More)
Communications are revolutionizing transport systems. Recently, novel technologies from the fields of telecommunications and data networks have been incorporated into both vehicle systems and road infrastructures, setting new frontiers in the design and development of Smart Cities and Smart Urban Mobility. Whereas each scenario, i.e., the vehicular one and(More)
Voice over LTE (VoLTE) emerges as the basis for voice services in future cellular networks. At the same time, Quality of user Experience (QoE) assessment methods have notably evolved in the last years, especially for Voice over IP (VoIP) services. The question that rises is, are these models ready to be used for VoLTE? In this paper, we contribute to answer(More)
Currently, multimedia communications are monopolizing Internet traffic. These services present highly demanding real-time requirements that need great bandwidths in order to provide acceptable quality levels. Meanwhile, the variety of network architectures employed by final users to access these contents is wider and wider. One of the most attractive access(More)