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Short-length random walks on the bipartite user-item graph have recently been shown to provide accurate and diverse recommendations. Nonetheless, these approaches suffer from severe time and space requirements, which can be alleviated via random walk sampling, at the cost of reduced recommendation quality. In addition, these approaches ignore users'(More)
In Brazil, leprosy is a widespread infectious and contagious disease. Clinicians and specialists view leprosy broadly as a systemic infection, since, in its manifestations, it mimics many conditions, such as rheumatic, vascular, ENT, neurological and dermatological diseases. There are few studies that characterize the factors associated with ulcers in(More)
Energy efficiency is one of the most important factors in the design of wireless sensor networks. Due to the broadcast nature of sensor networks, every node in the vicinity of the sender may <i>overhear</i> the transmitted messages even if it is not an intended recipient. Overhearing transmissions results in unnecessary expenditure of energy. In this work,(More)
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