Ramon Hinojosa

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BACKGROUND Little is known about the transition experiences of stroke survivors after discharge home. PURPOSE The purpose of this article is to describe three domains of psychosocial experiences of stroke survivors during the first month following discharge for acute stroke. METHOD Data were collected from 125 stroke survivors interviewed at 1 month(More)
An illness event like stroke is generally believed to produce a biographical disruption in the individual, resulting in a reconstruction of one's self identity. One method of narrative reconstruction is the use of personal metaphor. Although previous research has illustrated a variety of illness metaphors, including that of war, there has been little(More)
OBJECTIVE It has been documented that parenting a child with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can cause family strain, but less is known about the added stress of additional child health diagnoses on levels of strain. This study explores the relationship between family stressors (such as child comorbid conditions) and family resources (such(More)
Research documents that African American and Latinos who have experienced an acute stroke recover more slowly than Caucasians in the United States. This descriptive study examines (1) the variation in Caucasian, Puerto Rican, and African American motor function after stroke; (2) the association between caregiver attributes and motor recovery after stroke;(More)
Men and women returning from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq face a multitude of difficulties while integrating back into civilian life, but the importance of their veteran status is often overlooked in primary care settings. Family physicians have the potential to be the first line of defense to ensure the well-being of veterans and their families because(More)
Research suggests that individuals recovering from a stroke often experience social isolation, which is linked to increased depressive symptomatology and decreased ability to manage activities of daily living. Research also indicates that different racial and ethnic groups are more adversely affected than whites. This article uses poststroke narratives to(More)
Social relationships are important to health out comes. The postdeployment family reintegration literature focuses on the role of the civilian family in facilitating the transition from Active Duty military deployment to civilian society. The focus on the civilian family relationship may miss other important personal connections in veterans' lives. One such(More)
BACKGROUND There is an identified need for health literacy strategies to be culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate. OBJECTIVES The goal of our community-based participatory research (CBPR) project related to health and nutrition is to demonstrate that active community involvement in the creation of health education fotonovelas that are(More)
Providing a medical home to children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is challenging. Little is known about the factors associated with having a medical home for these children, or how comorbidities affect having a medical home. Our study aims are: (1) identify factors associated with having a medical home and five sub-components of a(More)