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The scientific study of subjective experience is a current major research area in the neurosciences. Coordination patterns of brain activity are being studied to address the question of how brain function relates to behaviour, and particularly methods to estimate neuronal synchronization can unravel the spatio-temporal dynamics of the transient formation of(More)
Coordinated cellular activity is a major characteristic of nervous system function. Coupled oscillator theory offers unique avenues to address cellular coordination phenomena. In this study, we focus on the characterization of the dynamics of epileptiform activity, based on some seizures that manifest themselves with very periodic rhythmic activity, termed(More)
Neural coding in the auditory system has been shown to obey the principle of efficient neural coding. The statistical properties of speech appear to be particularly well matched to the auditory neural code. However, only English has so far been analyzed from an efficient coding perspective. It thus remains unknown whether such an approach is able to capture(More)
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