Ramon Fernandes

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Malicious applications target Multi-Processors System-on-Chip (MPSoCs) to capture sensitive information or disrupt normal operation; therefore, security is now a design requirement for MPSoC design. Network-on-Chip (NoC) is a key communication structure to aid in the overall MPSoC protection. Firewall-based NoC protection allows data exchange monitoring and(More)
This paper presents Tiny NoC, which is a scalable and efficient 3D mesh architecture developed to minimize latency and NoC area. First, we show a theoretical analysis of latency and area occupancy to demonstrate Tiny NoC efficiency when compared to a basic mesh NoC. Then, we select a set of synthetic and mapping independent traffic with several injection(More)
Newest technologies of integrated circuits fabrication allow billions of transistors arranged in a single chip enabling to implement a complex parallel system, which requires a high scalable and parallel communication architecture, such as a Network-on-Chip (NoC). These technologies are very close to physical limitations increasing faults in manufacture and(More)
The overall system-on-chip performance depends on the network architecture, whose communication latency significantly impacts on the application performance. The challenge for on-chip networks is reducing costs while providing high performance such as low latency and high throughput. One alternative to achieve such goals is to implement efficient router(More)
BACKGROUND Material obesity in rodents is associated with neonatal hyperleptinemia and hypertension of sympathetic origin in adult offspring. Previously, we reported that experimentally induced hyperleptinemia in rat pups results in adulthood hypertension. Here, we addressed the hypothesis that experimental neonatal hyperleptinemia, through renal nerve(More)
Quasar optical monitoring campaigns are reaching a new standard of quality as a result of long term, accurate CCD observations. In this paper we review the basic Poissonian formulation of quasar variability, using it as a mathematical tool to extract relevant parameters such as the energy, rate and lifetimes of the flares through the analysis of observed(More)