Ramon Esteban-Romero

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The present collection of four lecture notes is the very fi rst contribution of this type in the fi eld of sparse recovery. This unique collection will be of value for a broad community and may serve as a textbook for graduate courses. This monograph is directed to researchers and advanced graduate students in Set Theory. The second edition is updated to(More)
The main goal in this paper is to use a dual equivalence in automata theory started in [RBBCL13] and developed in [BBCLR14] to prove a general version of the Eilenberg-type theorem presented in [BBPSE12]. Our principal results confirm the existence of a bijective correspondence between formations of (non-necessarily finite) monoids, that is, classes of(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t The study of the behaviour of non-deterministic automata has traditionally focused on the languages which can be associated to the different states. Under this interpretation, the different branches that can be taken at every step are ignored. However, we can also take into account the different decisions which can be(More)
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