Ramon Daniëls

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BACKGROUND Frailty can lead towards serious adverse consequences, such as disability. With regard to prevention valid screening instruments are needed to identify frail older people. The aim was to evaluate and compare the psychometric properties of three screening instruments: the Groningen Frailty Indicator (GFI), the Tilburg Frailty Indicator (TFI) and(More)
INTRODUCTION The concept of participation has been extensively used in health and social care literature since the World Health Organization introduced its description in the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) in 2001. More recently, the concept of social participation is frequently used in research articles and policy(More)
BACKGROUND The complex healthcare needs of frail older people and their increased risk of disability require an integrated and proactive approach. In the Netherlands, an interdisciplinary primary care approach has recently been developed, involving individualized assessment and interventions (tailor-made care), case management and long-term follow-up. The(More)
BACKGROUND The number of people with multiple chronic conditions demanding primary care services is increasing. To deal with the complex health care demands of these people, professionals from different disciplines collaborate. This study aims to explore influential factors regarding interprofessional collaboration related to care plan development in(More)
INTRODUCTION Self-management is considered a potential answer to the increasing demand for family medicine by people suffering from a chronic condition or multi-morbidity. A key element of self-management is goal setting. Goal setting is often defined as a moment of agreement between a professional and a patient. In the self-management literature, however,(More)
Background: The number of people suffering from one or more chronic conditions is rising, resulting in an increase in patients with complex health care demands. Interprofessional collaboration and the use of shared care plans support the management of complex health care demands of patients with chronic illnesses. This study aims to get an overview of the(More)
BACKGROUND There is an increasing number of patients with a chronic illness demanding primary care services. This demands for effective self-management support, including collaborative goal setting. Despite the fact that primary care professionals seem to have difficulties implementing goal setting, little information is available about the factors(More)
BACKGROUND The number of people with multiple chronic conditions requiring primary care services increases. Professionals from different disciplines collaborate and coordinate care to deal with the complex health care needs. There is lack of information on current practices regarding interprofessional team (IPT) meetings. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the predictive value of self-reported decline in weight, exhaustion, walking difficulty, grip strength and physical activity on development of disabilities in community-dwelling elderly people. DESIGN A one-year follow-up study. SETTING Participants were recruited via four Dutch general practitioners. PARTICIPANTS(More)
Background: Frailty is highly prevalent in older people. Its serious adverse consequences, such as disability, are considered to be a public health problem. Therefore, disability prevention in community-dwelling frail older people is considered to be a priority for research and clinical practice in geriatric care. With regard to disability prevention, valid(More)