Ramkumar Shankar

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This study surveyed current practice amongst 91 Indian and Australian staff working within multidisciplinary mental health teams, looking at leadership skills, conflict resolution and therapeutic abilities. Length of training was associated with management skills, though these skill were more developed by psychiatric nurses and occupational therapists(More)
Recommended by Junichi Osada Short message service (SMS) is extremely popular today. Currently, it is being mainly used for peer-to-peer communication. However, SMS could be used as public media platform to enhance social and public interactions in an intuitive way. We have developed BlogWall to extend the SMS to a new level of self-expression and public(More)
As high-performance computing device, the GPU has exposed bandwidth and latency bottlenecks in on-chip interconnect and off-chip memory access. To eliminate such bottlenecks, we employ silicon nanophotonics and 3D stacking technologies in GPU microarchitecture. This provides higher communication bandwidth and lower latency signaling mechanisms at reduced(More)
Gender differences in disability constitute a fertile area of research, as disabilities need to be measured and evaluated in the social context which defines role expectations and consequently the role performance. This paper reports on the differences in disability in married patients with schizophrenia, as marital status is an important determinant of(More)
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