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The scope of this paper is to introduce the research project MAGNET supported within the 6th framework of the European Commission. The project acronym MAGNET stands for " My personal Adaptive Global NET ". As the name implies, the project has a very strong emphasis on user-centricity, personalisation, adaptation, interoperability, personal networking and(More)
Third-generation mobile radio networks, often dubbed as 30, have been under intense research and discussion recently and will emerge around the year 2000. In the International Telecommu­ nications Union (ITU), third generation networks are called International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000), and in Europe, Universal Mobile Telecommunications(More)
An analytical model is developed to evaluate the performance of a cellular slotted DS CDMA system in terms of user capacity, throughput, and delay for the reverse link, i.e., from mobile to base station, considering interference from both home cell and adjacent cells. The user capacity is studied for voice communications and the throughput and delay are(More)