Ramiro Gonçalves

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UNLABELLED Objectives. To study the correlation between avascular necrosis and the demographics, time elapsed from fracture to surgery, quality of reduction, Garden classification, and the position of the screw following use of the dynamic hip screw (DHS) in the treatment of subcapital neck fractures. Methods. A prospective study of 96 patients with(More)
The current operator displays of Distributed Control Systems (DCS) are designed for 2D environments. This limits the full awareness situation of the industrial process, since it is distributed across multiple operator displays and requires the operator to navigate among them. This inspired the idea of creating a single operator display. Through an accurate(More)
Due to data-driven application nature and its increasing complexity, developing its user interface can be a repetitive and time-consuming activity. Consequently, developers tend to focus more on the user interface aspects and less on business related code. In this paper, we're presenting an alternative approach to graphical user interface development for(More)
It has been more than three decades since Nolan proposed his stages of growth model for information systems. Since then several studies on the stages of growth theory appeared in the academic literature. Since models oriented to the management and planning of information systems even models oriented to the development of information systems. But the object(More)