Ramiro Gonçalves

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Web accessibility is growing in importance as time goes by. Alongside this growth we find an increasing need for access to Web resources by those with some sort of disability. The Web is very important for spreading information and for promoting interaction between the various elements in society. Given this, it is essential that the Web presents itself as(More)
For the international use of software products it is important to know the culture, language and behavior of the citizens. Means: internationalization and location. To be able to evaluate these products it is significant to know how people from a country behave and express their feelings. This article presents a questionnaire which was initially developed(More)
Due to data-driven application nature and its increasing complexity, developing its user interface can be a repetitive and time-consuming activity. Consequently, developers tend to focus more on the user interface aspects and less on business related code. In this paper, we’re presenting an alternative approach to graphical user interface development for(More)
In this paper it is presented a usability evaluation of an entertainment platform, well-known, YouTube. The main aim is to study how people with intellectual disabilities interact with the layout and uses their search field option. We intended to observe and analyze performance and satisfaction but also if the interface can give them autonomy on the search(More)
The current technological and social Era in which our society lives, provides for the necessary background in order for Social Networks Sites (SNS) to be considered an essential and very relevant tool not only for individual social interaction, but also for firms to perform business activities. By analyzing the existent literature on the SNS adoption at(More)
With this paper we intend to present a systematic literature review on Web accessibility. During this research project, 782 papers were identified and by following a set of inclusion criteria, 38 stood out and were extensively analyzed. On this context we approach a set of Web accessibility critical issues, such as: guidelines, standards and regulations;(More)