Ramiro Donoso

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In this work, the dynamics of the clusters of the type M3 with M a metal alkaline atom from Li to Cs have been studied. Other heteroatomic mixed clusters like LiNaK and one bigger cluster, Na7, have also been studied. It was found that the dynamics present interesting phenomena like pseudorotations and crossovers which could explain the differences between(More)
In this work we present a setup for the experimental production of cylindrically polarized beams, as well as other variations of polarized light beams. The optical system uses a single transmissive phase-only spatial light modulator, which is used to apply different spatial phase modulation to two output collinear R and L circularly polarized components.(More)
A polarimeter architecture is presented based on a birefringent grating displayed onto a parallel-aligned liquid crystal (LC) on silicon display (PAL-LCoS). The system is compact and flexible, since the size of the image can be adjusted by means of the period of the grating. The LCoS grating permits simultaneously measuring two orthogonal states of(More)
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