Raminderjit Singh Battu

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Residues of flubendiamide and desiodo flubendiamide were studied following three applications of flubendiamide 480 SC at 7 days interval at 90 and 180 g a.i. ha(-1) in/on brinjal fruits. An average initial deposit of 0.33 and 0.61 mg kg(-1) of flubendiamide was observed respectively after application at single and double dosages. The residues of(More)
The study was undertaken to determine the disappearance trends of flubendiamide residues on chickpea under field conditions and thereby, ensure consumer safety. Average initial deposits of flubendiamide on chickpea pods were found to be 0.68 and 1.17 mg kg(-1), respectively, following three applications of flubendiamide 480SC @ 48 and 96 g a.i. ha(-1) at 7d(More)
Average initial deposits of flubendiamide on chili were found to be 1.06 and 2.00 mg kg(-1), respectively, following two applications of flubendiamide 480SC at 60 and 120 g a.i. ha(-1) at 10 days interval. More than 80% of flubendiamide residues dissipated just after 3 days of the last application at both the dosages. Residues of flubendiamide dissipated(More)
An analysis of 92 samples of liquid milk from Ludhiana, India, during 1999-2001 revealed the presence of DDT in 6 (7.4%) samples and of these 2 samples were found to exceed the maximum residue limit (MRL) of DDT fixed at 0.05 mg kg(-1) (on a whole milk basis). HCH residues were detected in 49 (53.3%) samples and constituted only gamma-HCH (lindane). The MRL(More)
Samples of wheat grain, straw, flour and green fodder taken from houses sprayed with either HCH or DDT for mosquito control showed the presence of HCH residues at concentrations of up to 91.2, 208.8, 33.1 and 459.0 mg kg-1 and DDT residues up to 11.3, 86.1, 2.2 and 5.4 mg kg-1, respectively. The mean level of HCH residues in samples of wheat grain collected(More)
Residues of imidacloprid were estimated in grape leaves, grape berries and soil following four applications of Confidor 200SL at 400 and 800 mL ha(-1) using 1,000 L water. The average initial deposits of imidacloprid on grape leaves were found to be 10.01 and 16.97 mg kg(-1) at single and double dosages, respectively. These residues of imidacloprid(More)
Forty-six samples each of vegetarian and nonvegetarian total diet consumed from March 1999 to December 2002 by male subjects in the age group of 19-24 years were analyzed to assess their risk through dietary intake with respect to pesticide residues. The results revealed low dietary intake of levels of Sigma-dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) and which(More)
Residues of ethion were estimated in cucumber by gas liquid chromatography following three applications of the insecticide at 375 and 750 g a.i ha(-1). The average initial deposits of ethion on cucumber fruits were found to be 2.40 and 4.97 mg kg(-1) at single and double dosages, respectively. Residues of ethion dissipated below the maximum residue limit(More)
Persistence of fipronil in cabbage was studied following three applications of Jump 80 WG at 75 and 150 g a.i. ha(-1) at 7 day interval. The average initial deposits of total fipronil (fipronil and its metabolites) were 1.226 and 2.704 mg kg(-1) on the heads following 3rd application of fipronil at single and double the dosages, respectively. Desulfinyl was(More)