Raminder Pal Singh

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Due to the relatively poor cell-material interaction of alginate hydrogel, alginate-gelatin crosslinked (ADA-GEL) hydrogel was synthesized through covalent crosslinking of alginate di-aldehyde (ADA) with gelatin that supported cell attachment, spreading and proliferation. This study highlights the evaluation of the physico-chemical properties of synthesized(More)
Cloud computing is a revolutionary movement in the area of IT industry that provides storage, computing power, network and software as an abstraction and as a service, on demand over the internet, which enables its clients to access these services remotely from anywhere, anytime via any terminal equipment. Since cloud has modified the definition of data(More)
To further clarify the role of ribosomal protein S14 (RPS14) in myelodysplastic syndrome, we examined RPS14 transcription in bone marrow derived CD34+ cells from patients with non-5q- myelodysplastic syndrome and found a reduced expression of RPS14 in 51 of 72 (71%) patients. MDS patients with an intermediate-1 risk (INT-1) score according to the(More)
An Adder is one of the significant hardware blocks in most digital systems such as digital signal processors and microprocessors etc. Over the last few decades lot of research have been carried out in order to design an efficient adder circuits in terms of compactness, high speed and low power consumption. However, area and speed are two conflict(More)
PURPOSE Myopia is a common vision problem affecting almost one third of the world's population. It can occur as an isolated genetic condition or be associated with other anomalies and/or syndromes. Seventeen myopia loci have been identified on various chromosomes; however, no specific gene mutations have yet been identified. METHODS Two large(More)
Vegetable oil causes problem when used as fuel in compression ignition engines. This problem is due to high viscosity and low volatility of vegetable oils, which can be minimized by the process of trans-esterification. The relatively high cost of refined vegetable oils render the resulting fuels unable to compete with petroleum derived fuel. To reduce the(More)
To design an efficient integrated circuit in terms of Area, Power and speed is one of the challenging task in modern VLSI design field. In the past decade numbers of research have been carried out to optimize design based on area, speed and power utilization. In this paper performance analysis of different available adder architectures has been carried out(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The aims of the study were to delineate the risk factors, type and location of underlying pathology, outcome and the determinants of outcome in patients with spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage. MATERIAL AND METHODS Forty consecutive patients with spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage on neuroimaging scan were recruited over a period of(More)
This study was done to identify whether the dimensions of the distal phalanges allow suture anchor fixation of the flexor digitorum profundus tendon. Forty pairs of hands were dissected to measure the anteroposterior and lateral dimensions of distal phalanges of all digits. The mean anteroposterior depth of the distal phalanx at the insertion of the tendon(More)
In wireless sensor networks, the value of transmission range has a direct impact on energy utilization. A sensor node makes use of the maximum transmission power and transmission range to send packets in a network which results in wastage of energy, since maximum transmission range is mostly longer than the distance between node and its extreme neighbor due(More)