Ramin Mirjalili

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This paper details a center-supported solid disk resonator in <;100> single-crystalline-silicon (SCS) that uses a novel substrate decoupling feature to achieve ultra-low dissipation gyroscopic modes with small frequency split. The secondary bulk acoustic wave (BAW) elliptic modes (m = 3) of a 2mm diameter substrate-decoupled disk resonator exhibit(More)
This paper presents the design, fabrication and characterization of self-aligned nano-gap comb-drive actuators for high frequency bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonators. The comb-drive is implemented to actuate a high-Q 1 MHz annulus BAW resonator with gyroscopic modes. Measurements show a linear force density of 261.5 pN/V<sup>2</sup>&#x03BC;m, which is to(More)
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