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Pain is a critical sign in many medical situations and its automatic detection and recognition using computer vision techniques is of great importance. Utilizes this fact that pain is a spatiotemporal process, the proposed system in this paper employs steerable and separable filters to measures energies released by the facial muscles during the pain(More)
The heart pulsation sends out the blood throughout the body. The rate in which the heart performs this vital task, heartbeat rate, is of curial importance to the body. Therefore, measuring heartbeat rate, a.k.a. pulse detection, is very important in many applications, especially the medical ones. To measure it, physicians traditionally, either sense the(More)
Pain is a vital sign of human health and its automatic detection can be of crucial importance in many different contexts, including medical scenarios. While most available computer vision techniques are based on RGB, in this paper, we investigate the effect of combining RGB, depth, and thermal facial images for pain intensity level recognition. For this(More)
Physical exercise may result in muscle tiredness which is known as muscle fatigue. This occurs when the muscles cannot exert normal force, or when more than normal effort is required. Fatigue is a vital sign, for example, for therapists to assess their patient's progress or to change their exercises when the level of the fatigue might be dangerous for the(More)
Heartbeat rate (HR) reveals a person's health. This article presents an effective system for measuring HR from facial videos acquired in a more realistic environment than current systems' testing environments. The proposed method uses a facial feature point-tracking method that combines a good feature to track method with a supervised descent method to(More)
Stress is a response to time pressure or negative environmental conditions. If its stimulus iterates or stays for a long time, it affects health conditions. Thus, stress recognition is an important issue. Traditional systems for this purpose are mostly contact-based, i.e., they require a sensor to be in touch with the body which is not always practical.(More)
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In this paper, we propose an approach for achieving generalized segmentation of microorganisms in microscopy images. It employs a pixel-wise classification strategy based on local features. Multilayer perceptrons are utilized for classification of the local features and is trained for each specific segmentation problem using supervised learning. This(More)
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