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We describe a new temperature and electric field dual-stimulus responsive nanoparticle system for programmed drug delivery. Nanoparticles of a conducting polymer (polypyrrole) are loaded with therapeutic pharmaceuticals and are subcutaneously localized in vivo with the assistance of a temperature-sensitive hydrogel (PLGA-PEG-PLGA). We have shown that drug(More)
The ability to implant electronic systems in the human body has led to many medical advances. Progress in semiconductor technology paved the way for devices at the scale of a millimeter or less ("microimplants"), but the miniaturization of the power source remains challenging. Although wireless powering has been demonstrated, energy transfer beyond(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS A crucial step in providing clinically relevant applications of cardiovascular tissue engineering involves the identification of a suitable cell source. The objective of this study was to identify the exogenous and endogenous parameters that are critical for the differentiation of human adipose stem cells (hASCs) into cardiovascular cells.(More)
The types of cell-matrix adhesions and the signals they transduce strongly affect the cell-phenotype. We hypothesized that cells sense and respond to the three-dimensionality of their environment, which could be modulated by nano-structures on silicon surfaces. Human foreskin fibroblasts were cultured on nano-structures with different patterns (nano-post(More)
S3 C ardiac toxicity is a major cause of drug attrition during preclinical development. In addition, the risk of drug-induced arrhythmia is the most common cause of restriction or withdrawal of drugs from the market. 3 Between 1990 and 2001, 8 noncardiovascular drugs were withdrawn at an estimated cost of $12 billion as a result of problems such as delayed(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Thoracic endometriosis is a rare form of extragenital endometriosis with important clinical ramifications. Up to 80% of women with thoracic endometriosis have concomitant abdominopelvic endometriosis, yet the surgical treatment is usually performed with separate procedures. This is the largest published series of the combination of(More)
INTRODUCTION Endometriosis of the lung and the diaphragm is rare. Patients may present with symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, and shoulder pain or they may be asymptomatic. Of note, there have been few reports of bilateral catamenial disease, and no reports, to our knowledge, of bilateral pathology proven pulmonary parenchymal(More)
Animal and early clinical studies have provided evidence suggesting that intracoronary administration of autologous bone marrow-derived cells results in improved outcome following myocardial infarction. Animal studies with cultured marrow stromal cells (MSC) have provided similar data. Cells with properties that are similar to MSC have been identified in(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW To review recent insights on right-ventricular failure (RVF) following left-ventricular assist device (LVAD) implantation. RECENT FINDINGS Even with the availability of new generation continuous mechanical assist devices, RVF after implantation of LVAD is still associated with high morbidity and mortality. Recent studies have tried to(More)
Therapeutic options for subclavian vein thrombosis (SVT) include anticoagulation, thrombolysis, endovascular repair, and direct surgical intervention. The most effective method of treatment remains undetermined. We reviewed our institutional experience over 7 years with SVT patients to compare the results of treatment based on etiology of thrombosis.(More)