Ramin Baghaie

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OBJECTIVES The present study was aimed to identify the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative predictors of AF in a pure cohort of the patients with coronary artery disease who underwent CABG surgery. METHODS Between November 2005 and May 2006, 302 consecutive patients were included in this prospective study. All the relevant clinical,(More)
In a Code Division Multiple Access system operating in a multipath fading channel, a bank of RAKE receivers is needed for each active user at the base station. In this paper, low-power RAKE receivers are proposed that utilize the Strength Reduction (SR) transformation technique. The SR transformation can result in remarkable savings in consumed power and(More)
In this paper, we consider the implementation of two iterative methods: the Gram-Schmidt Conjugate Direction (GSCD) and Conjugate Gradient (CG) algorithm. We first study the convergence properties of the algorithms. Furthermore, the fixed-point implementation of both CG and GSCD are presented. For the simulations purposes, the algorithms are applied to a(More)
This paper discusses the application of different algorithm transformation techniques in Code Division Multiple Access receivers (CDMA). This is achieved by looking at some of the computational blocks that constitute the CDMA receivers. We focus on the Look-Ahead, Relaxed Look-ahead and Strength Reduction algorithm transformation techniques and demonstrate(More)
Pipelined implementation of an adaptive Direct-Sequence Code Division Multiple Access (DS-CDMA) receiver is proposed when multiple antennas are utilized for mobile communications. Adaptive multiple-antenna receivers can provide insensitivity to the interfering powers and room for more users or require smaller number of antennas than the matched filter(More)
This paper considers the implementation of two mobile user tracking systems that are based on different step-bystep adaptation schemes. We first estimate the computational complexities of different units of the tracking systems. Based on these estimations, we partition the implementation task into two parts: software and hardware. For the hardware(More)
An algorithm for computing the discrete Hartley transform is presented that is based on the algebraic integers encoding scheme. With the aid of this scheme, an error-free representation of the cas function becomes possible. In addition, for further complexity reduction an approximation scheme is proposed. Finally, for the implementation of the algorithm a(More)
This paper considers the implementation of a signal subspace based mobile user tracking system that utilizes an efficient Conjugate Gradient (CG) based step-by-step adaptation scheme. First, we estimate the computational complexity of different units of the tracking system. Based on these estimations, we partition the implementation task into two parts:(More)