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The overwhelming majority of underlying documents adopted during last years in area of health care first of all relate to development of public health system i.e. that most important branch targeted to rendering medical care and restoring lost health. At the same time, absence of the Federal strategy of health care of population hinders both achievement of(More)
The effect of solid dispersion (SD) formation on the solubility of phenazepam has been studied. Phenazepam and its SDs with poly(ethyleneglycol)-1500 (PEG), poly(vinylpyrrolidone)-10000 (PVP), and β-cyclodextrin were studied. The SD with PVP increases both the solubility and the dissolution rate of phenazepam. Results obtained by a complex of physical and(More)
The effect of solid dispersions (SDs) on the solubility of parmidin has been studied by comparing the solubility of parmidin, its SDs, and physical mixtures with polyethyleneglycol-1500, polyvinylpyrrolidone-10000, and β-cyclodextrin. It is established that the formulation of SDs increases the solubility and the dissolution rate of parmidin. Data obtained(More)
The treatment of thin blood smears with antibodies to glycolipid of chemotype Re, conjugated with horseradish peroxidase, revealed that under physiological conditions about 3.5% of leukocytes bound endotoxin of gram-negative bacteria by means of the Fc-dependent mechanism. In addition, about 4.9% of leukocytes may bind endotoxin as the result of the(More)