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Separation of Nadolol Stereoisomers Using Chiralpak IA Chiral Stationary Phase.
Chiralpak IA adsorbent is used for both analytical and preparative chromatographic separation of nadolol stereoisomers. The results include a complete screening of the mobile phase composition forExpand
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Improving the performance of nadolol stereoisomers' preparative separation using Chiralpak IA by SMB chromatography.
The pseudobinary preparative separation of nadolol stereoisomers is performed by simulated moving bed chromatography (SMB). Using the Chiralpak IA adsorbent, a new 25:75:0.1 (v/v/v)Expand
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Separation of nadolol stereoisomers by liquid chromatography using Chiralpak IA chiral stationary phase
The main objective of this work is to study the chiral separation of stereoisomers of nadolol by preparative liquid chromatography. In this report it is presented the state of the art andExpand
Separation of Nadolol Racemates by High pH Reversed-Phase Preparative Chromatography
Abstract The separation of nadolol racemates under high pH reversed-phase preparative chromatography is presented for the first time. Three Waters C18 adsorbents (XBridge, Shield and XSelect) areExpand
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