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Intellectual Property and Development: Theory and Practice
Since the 1960s, many developing countries have introduced IP laws to help them in their social and economic development. Introducing these laws was considered as a civilised act and a preconditionExpand
Cyberinfrastructure Inside Out: Definition and Influences Shaping Its Emergence, Development, and Implementation in the Early 21st Century
The authors provide a theoretically generative definition of cyberinfrastructure (CI) by drawing from existing definitions and literature in social sciences, law, and policy studies. They propose twoExpand
Copyright and innovation in the digital age :The United Arab Emirates
The UAE has been at the forefront when it comes to the use of digital technologies in the Middle East. It is amongst the most highly Internet connected countries in the Middle East with 2,300,000Expand
Intellectual Property and Economic Development
Developed countries often argue that the introduction of IP systems will bring economic development to developing countries. This raises the question of whether IP systems do in fact have the effectExpand
Intellectual Property, TRIPS and Development
Intellectual property is crucial to the promotion of innovation. It provides an incentive to innovate as well as security for investment in innovation. The industries of the 21st century-informationExpand
Copyright law in the United Arab Emirates in the digital age
This article gives an overview of copyright law in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and critically evaluates its operation in the digital era, providing suggestions for reform.
The legality of free and open source software licences: the case of Jacobsen v. Katzer
In August 2008 one of, if not the most, influential Intellectual Property courts in the USA known as the Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit upheld the validity of a free and open source softwareExpand
Voluntary Mechanisms, Copyright and Development
Having examined IP law, particularly copyright law, and how it needs to adopt a development perspective, it is important to consider innovative systems that can be used in combination with such lawsExpand
The Adoption of the American Model of Fair Use in the UAE Copyright Law
The fair use doctrine is one of the most important and enigmatic doctrines in the copyright law of the United States. IP scholars and experts have suggested introducing flexible open-ended copyrightExpand