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Rami Debouk, St ephane Lafortune and Demosthenis Teneketzis Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109{2122, USA fridebouk,stephane,teneketg@eecs.umich.edu; www.eecs.umich.edu/umdes Abstract We address the problem of failure diagnosis in discrete event systems with decentralized information. We(More)
We address the following sensor selection problem. We assume that a dynamic system possesses a certain property, call it Property D, when a set G of sensors is used. There is a cost c A associated with each set A of sensors that is a subset of G. Given any set of sensors that is a subset of G, it is possible to determine, via a test, whether the resulting(More)
We study the effect of communication delays on the performance of a coordinated decentralized architecture for failure diagnosis of untimed discrete event systems. The architecture consists of local sites communicating with a coordinator that is responsible for diagnosing the failures occurring in the system. A protocol that realizes the architecture is(More)
We infroduce a modular architecture’ for diagnosis in the framework of discrete evenf systems. The archifecrure is best suited for systems wifh multiple inferacfing components. We suggest to use local diagnosis at each coniponenf and pmvide conditions on the system sfructure so that the global system behavior can be diagnosed using these local diagnoses. We(More)
In November 2007, an un-manned Chevrolet Tahoe – nicknamed “Boss” successfully “drove” itself through a 60mile urban course to win the prestigious Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Urban Challenge competition. “This competition significantly advanced the understanding of what is needed to make driverless vehicles a reality, as GM continues(More)
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