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This paper describes research investigating the effectiveness of web-based virtual learning environments by comparing them to traditional classroom environments. A conceptual framework is proposed contrasting the effectiveness of these two environments using both objectivist and constructivist learning models. Although technology may serve as a mediator(More)
  • Rami Ahmad, Saleh Omari, Rami Ahmad Omari, Saleh, Rami A Omari Dissertation
  • 2015
Advisor Date ii DEDICATION To my parents whose support motivated me to continue my graduate education and to my brothers: Rabie, Wadie, and Ehsan.who surrounded me with love and encouragement. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I have been fortunate to be surrounded by many great people and it is my great pleasure to thank them for their support, motivation and(More)
While the concepts of organizational learning and knowledge management are essential in industry, relatively little attention has been devoted to how these same concepts can be applied to higher education. Despite the ready availability of the Internet and the World Wide Web, and the increasing familiarity of faculty and students with these tools, many(More)
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