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Influence of sinter basicity (CaO/SiO2) on low and high alumina iron ore sinter quality
Abstract Iron ore sinter, constituting a major proportion of blast furnace burden, significantly impacts the blast furnace performance. The chemical composition of iron ore fines, particularlyExpand
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Development and use of mill scale briquettes in BOF
Generation of high iron containing wastes such as mill scale, dust and sludge are inevitable in steel making process. It is important to develop and implement processes to recycle and re-use theseExpand
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Prediction of Iron Ore Sinter Properties Using Statistical Technique
Due to the drastic change in iron ore qualities, maintaining consistency in sinter property has become a challenge for steel manufacturing industries, resulting the irregularities and disturbances inExpand
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Influence of sinter grate suction pressure (flame front speed) on microstructure, productivity and quality of iron ore sinter
Abstract From a sinter production point of view, it is important to optimise the sintering process with regard to both sinter quality and production rate. In sintering, airflow rate within the sinterExpand
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Optimisation of MgO addition in low and high silica iron ore sinter to improve sinter reducibility at JSW Steel Limited
Abstract The quality of iron ore sinter mainly depends on sinter mineralogy, which in turn depends on the chemical composition of the sinter mix. The reduction properties of the mineral phases formedExpand
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Kathmandu Valley, the political and cultural center of Nepal has undergone rapid urbanizationsince 1970. It has a population of about 1.4 million. Out of this about 0.5 million have access tosomeExpand
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Studies on parameters affecting sinter strength and prediction through artificial neural network model
Bed permeability, rate of reductant and productivity of blast furnace (BF) performance mainly depends on both iron bearing material but also carbonaceous material. Most of the BFs have the sinterExpand
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Optimization of Firing Temperature for Hematite Pellets
The heat hardening by oxidation is a process commonly used in iron ore pelletization process. The green pellets are fired in induration machine using Corex gas at JSW Steel Limited Pellet Plant. TheExpand
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Impact of Sinter Basicity and Alumina on Softening Melting Behavior in Blast Furnace
Softening–melting (SM) experiments have been carried out by using sinter basicity (CaO/SiO 2 ) 1.74 to 2.09 and alumina content 2.90 to 3.39%. The objective of the work is to find the relationExpand
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A comparative study on a newly designed ball mill and the conventional ball mill performance with respect to the particle size distribution and recirculating load at the discharge end
Abstract The discharge end design of a ball mill plays an important role in discharging the desired particle sizes (−150 + 10 µm) and the percentage of recirculating load from the discharge end ofExpand
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