Rameshwar Rao

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Non-destructive monitoring of engineered tissues is needed for translation of these products from the lab to the clinic. In this study, non-invasive, high resolution spectral ultrasound imaging (SUSI) was used to monitor the differentiation of MC3T3 pre-osteoblasts seeded within collagen hydrogels. SUSI was used to measure the diameter, concentration and(More)
Co-cultures of endothelial cells (EC) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) in three-dimensional (3D) protein hydrogels can be used to recapitulate aspects of vasculogenesis in vitro. MSC provide paracrine signals that stimulate EC to form vessel-like structures, which mature as the MSC transition to the role of mural cells. In this study, vessel-like network(More)
Cellular signaling via epidermal growth factor (EGF) and EGF-like ligands can determine cell fate and behavior. Osteoblasts, which are responsible for forming and mineralizing osteoid, express EGF receptors and alter rates of proliferation and differentiation in response to EGF receptor activation. Transgenic mice over-expressing the EGF-like ligand(More)
In this paper unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) is being used as a universal active power conditioning device to mitigate both current as well as voltage harmonics at a distribution end of power system network. The performance of UPQC mainly depends upon how quickly and accurately compensation signals are derived. The steady state and dynamic(More)
—In the recent year, many other new circuits are proposed using less number of transistors with less delay and extremely low power requirement. An adder consisting with less transistors don't give full swing outputs for all input combinations and there is difference in output level for various combinations and these circuits have very low driving(More)
The performance of Time-Varying Autoregressive (TVAR) model have been shown well for Instantaneous Frequency (IF) estimation of frequency modulated (FM) components in white noise. Nevertheless the performance of the TVAR model degrades, when the model is applied to a signal containing a finitely correlated signal as well as the white noise, particularly(More)
Dynamic logic circuits provide more compact designs with faster switching speeds and low power consumption compared with the other CMOS design styles. Domino logic overcomes the difficulties in dynamic circuits such as charge sharing and cascading. In this paper we are proposing a wide fan-in circuit with increased switching speed and noise immunity. Speed(More)
Leakage power has become an important contributing factor of power for the CMOS circuits in deep sub-micron process. MTCMOS is a very effective technique to reduce the leakage current of circuits in the standby mode. Placing a global sleep device is not practical and sleep device at fine grain level involves more number of sleep transistors and more routing(More)
In this paper, a general purpose microprocessor is implemented and a self sleep circuit is used to reduce the power. MTCMOS is proven to be the best technique to reduce leakage power in deep submicron regime. Placing sleep transistor in fine grain has its own advantages and disadvantages and global sleep transistor is not practical. So, distributed MTCMOS(More)