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— Total Quality Management (TQM) has evolved as a widely acceptable philosophy and practice for achievement of organisational objectives. The principal contributions to the analysis of TQM and its operation have come from thinkers in the Operations Management area (Oakland[64],Dale & Plunkett[19], Dale, [18]). This has led to a preoccupation with the(More)
In our study we have attempted to develop a theoretical framework for sustainable transportation based on synthesis of exhaustive review of extant literature. To test the framework statistically, a structured questionnaire was designed. Measures for the questionnaire were adopted from extant literature and to operationalise the constructs further, the(More)
The crowdsourcing and internet of things (IoT) have played a significant role in revolutionizing the information age. There is significant literature which has attempted to investigate the role of crowdsourcing and IoT in improving disaster response. However there is hardly any literature which attempted to reflect upon integration of crowdsourcing and IoT(More)
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