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Recently two-parameter generalized exponential distribution has been introduced by the authors. In this paper we consider the Bayes estimators of the unknown parameters under the assumptions of gamma priors on both the shape and scale parameters. The Bayes estimators can not be obtained in explicit forms. Approximate Bayes es-timators are computed using the(More)
In this article we study some properties of a new family of distributions, namely Exponentiated Exponential distribution, discussed in Gupta, Gupta, and Gupta (1998). The Exponentiated Exponential family has two parameters (scale and shape) similar to a Weibull or a gamma family. It is observed that many properties of this new family are quite similar to(More)
Recently it is observed that the generalized exponential distribution can be used quite effectively to analyze lifetime data in one dimension. The main aim of this paper is to define a bivariate generalized exponential distribution so that the marginals have generalized exponential distributions. It is observed that the joint probability density function,(More)
Mudholkar and Srivastava [25] introduced three-parameter exponentiated Weibull distribution. Two-parameter exponentiated exponential or generalized exponential distribution is a particular member of the exponentiated Weibull distribution. Generalized exponential distribution has a right skewed unimodal density function and monotone hazard function similar(More)
3Portions of this research were completed during a recent leave of absence at the University of Wyoming. ABSTRACT A random vector (Xl' • .. , X n), with positive components, is said to have a Liouville distribution if its joint probability density aC I an-l function is of the form f (xl + ... + x n) xl • .. x n with the a i all positive. Examples of these(More)
Recently the two-parameter generalized exponential (GE) distribution was introduced by the authors. It is observed that a GE distribution can be considered for situations where a skewed distribution for a non-negative random variable is needed. The ratio of the maximized likelihoods (RML) is used in discriminating between Weibull and GE distributions.(More)
We study the general structure of the generalized Dirichlet distributions , deriving general formulas for the marginal and conditional probability density functions of those distributions. We develop the multivariate reverse rule properties of these distributions, apply those properties to derive probability inequalities, and derive stochastic(More)
In this paper a hexagonal shaped monopole fractal antenna for UWB application is designed. The proposed fractal-like geometry is implemented on a microstrip fed planar hexagonal monopole antenna. The iterated hexagonal fractal patch and modified ground plane are employed to achieve the desired wideband characteristics. The simulated results show that the(More)