Ramesh Venkatesh

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PURPOSE To evaluate the epidemiological characteristics and outcomes of ocular injuries resulting from the use of firecrackers during the Diwali festival in all age groups. MATERIALS AND METHODS A single-center, retrospective, hospital-based case series presenting with ocular trauma consequent to fireworks usage in a tertiary eye care center in North(More)
PURPOSE To report a case of choroidal neovascular membrane after vitreoretinal surgery in a patient with macular hole-induced retinal detachment. METHODS Retrospective observational case report. CASE DESCRIPTION A 64-year-old lady presented with sudden drop in vision in the right eye since 20 days. Her best-corrected visual acuity was 6/36 in the right(More)
Comment. In this case, the excimer laser was used in a novel fashion to ablate central corneal tissue where dye had migrated from the previous tattooing procedure 27 years earlier. This procedure allowed for the creation of a precisely circular central clear corneal “pupil,” enhancing both cosmesis and light passage to maximize the patient’s residual(More)
Choroidal osteoma is a rare benign tumor. We report a male child diagnosed with bilateral choroidal osteoma, high myopia and secondary choroidal neovascularization (CNV) membrane in one eye. Co-existence of posterior staphyloma made the clinical diagnosis of choroidal osteoma difficult due to the osteoma filling the depression of the posterior staphyloma.(More)