Ramesh Seth Nair

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Effective improvement in sorghum crop development necessitates a genomics-based approach to identify functional genes and QTLs. Sequenced in 2009, a comprehensive annotation of the sorghum genome and the development of functional genomics resources is key to enable the discovery and deployment of regulatory and metabolic genes and gene networks for crop(More)
  • Ramesh Nair, Rajasegaran Krishnasamy, Geraldine de Mello
  • 2007
Being able to speak English includes a number of skills, involving vocabulary, grammar, pragmatics, and so on. It can be argued that by far, the most important of these skills is pronunciation. Despite having a good grasp of vocabulary and the grammatical rules of the English language, speakers would be unintelligible if they had poor pronunciation. Though(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute headache is among the commonest presenting complaints to emergency departments. While it is estimated that only 1-3% result from subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH), because the disease carries such significant morbidity and mortality if missed, most clinicians have a low threshold for investigation. A recent prospective cohort study in Canada(More)
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