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REDEFINE [3] is a polymorphic ASIC, in which arbitrary computational structures on hardware are defined at runtime. The REDEFINE execution fabric comprises Compute Elements (CEs) interconnected by a Honeycomb network, which also serves as the distributed Network-on-chip. Each computational structure is dynamically assigned to a subset of the CEs on the(More)
Our objective was to develop an interactive information and visualization framework for Floridas wetlands. We standardized and integrated 2,130 geo-referenced point observations of 78 different physical, chemical, and biological attributes collected in Florida's wetlands from 1987 to present. A Web-based GIS tool was created with ArcIMS to augment these(More)
There are many cryptographic systems that use complex operations involving substitutions and permutations to produce resistant ciphertext, even if the level of the security of these cryptosystems are good, there should be tradeoff between security level and operational cost and the ever increasing virtual infrastructure and mobile, cloud computing(More)
Enormous scientific knowledge with evidence and clinical dexterity impart definitive ground for success in implant dentistry. Nevertheless, the unfeasibility to access the inner bone tissue makes the situation altogether more demanding. Presently the advent of numerous imaging techniques and associated surgical guide templates are documented for evaluation(More)
Custom made tray for dental impression is designed to provide a uniform space for the impression material and thereby improve the accuracy of the resultant working cast. Auto-polymerized acrylic resins have been the most commonly used material for the fabrication of these trays. The custom tray produces more accurate and reliable results for inter-abutment(More)
This paper proposes an optimal design method for Passive power filters (PPFs) power filters set at high voltage levels to satisfy the requirements of Harmonic filtering and reactive power compensation. Multi objective Optimization models for PPF were constructed. Detuning effects and faults were also considered by constructing Constraints during the optimal(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is expected to have a significant impact on the efficiency of military and civil applications such as target field imaging, intrusion detection, weather monitoring. Sensors with low cost, low power and multifunction are expected to last until their energy drains, so energy-conserving forms of communication and computation are(More)
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