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We investigated the use of stable C and N isotopic ratios as indicators of shifts in nutrient limitation of aquatic macrophytes in native Typha (Typha domingensis Pers.) and Cladium (Cladium jamaicense Crantz) communities growing along the well-established phosphorus enrichment gradient of Water Conservation Area 2A of the Florida Everglades. Both Typha and(More)
Eutrophication is still a water quality problem within many watersheds. The Lake Okeechobee Basin, Florida, USA, like many watersheds is impacted by eutrophication caused by excess phosphorus (P). To meet water quality criteria to reduce this impairment, several levels of information on P dynamics within the Basin are required. The use of biogeochemical(More)
Human genetic diversity observed in Indian subcontinent is second only to that of Africa. This implies an early settlement and demographic growth soon after the first 'Out-of-Africa' dispersal of anatomically modern humans in Late Pleistocene. In contrast to this perspective, linguistic diversity in India has been thought to derive from more recent(More)
We discovered a narrow band of chaos close to the grazing condition for a simple soft impact oscillator. The phenomenon was observed experimentally for a range of system parameters. Through numerical stability analysis, we argue that this abrupt onset to chaos is caused by a dangerous bifurcation in which two unstable period-3 orbits, created at "invisible"(More)
Executive Summary This summary of the state of the knowledge related to nutrient effects on spring ecosystems and biota represents a synthesis of the most important findings from the literature. The report was commissioned by the Springs Initiative of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to review the pertinent literature related to(More)
The availability and cycling of nutrients is determined by an interaction of physical, chemical, and biological processes in an ecosystem. This interaction of processes, collectively known as biogeochemistry, is important as it determines the forms, transformations, and ultimate fate of nutrients in a given system. This chapter focuses on biogeochemical(More)
Most of the Memory cells have been protected from soft errors for more than a decade; due to the increase in soft error rate in logic circuits, the encoder and decoder circuitry around the memory blocks have become susceptible to soft errors as well and must also be protected .This project propose a new approach to design fault-secure encoder and decoder(More)
Custom made tray for dental impression is designed to provide a uniform space for the impression material and thereby improve the accuracy of the resultant working cast. Auto-polymerized acrylic resins have been the most commonly used material for the fabrication of these trays. The custom tray produces more accurate and reliable results for inter-abutment(More)
Personal computers draw non-sinusoidal current with odd harmonics more significantly. Power Quality of distribution networks is severely affected due to the flow of these generated harmonics during the operation of electronic loads. Switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) are one of the most vital part of PC, typically found in large numbers in modern power(More)