Ramesh Kumar Muralimanohar

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OBJECTIVES Recent research suggests that older listeners may have difficulty processing information related to the fundamental frequency (F0) of voiced speech. In this study, the focus was on the mechanisms that may underlie this reduced ability. We examined whether increased age resulted in decreased ability to perceive F0 using fine-structure cues(More)
PURPOSE In this study, the authors investigated the effects of age on the use of fundamental frequency differences (ΔF(0)) in the perception of competing synthesized vowels in simulations of electroacoustic and cochlear-implant hearing. METHOD Twelve younger listeners with normal hearing and 13 older listeners with (near) normal hearing were evaluated in(More)
OBJECTIVES Recent evidence suggests that age might affect the ability of listeners to process fundamental frequency cues in speech, and that this difficulty might impact the ability of older listeners to use and combine envelope and fine structure cues available in simulations of electro-acoustic and cochlear-implant hearing. The purpose of this article is(More)
A single reflection is the simplest simulation of reverberation and provides insights into more complex scenarios of listening in rooms. This paper presents an analysis of the effects of a single reflection as its delay and intensity are systematically varied. The changes to the envelope modulations are analyzed using not only the traditional(More)
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