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Culture independent assessment of human milk microbial community in lactational mastitis
Breastfeeding undoubtedly provides important benefits to the mother-infant dyad and should be encouraged. Mastitis, one of the common but major cause of premature weaning among lactating women, is anExpand
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Human milk microbiome in urban and rural populations of India
Abstract Most of the studies examining human milk microbiota were focused on differences in bacterial taxa in relation to birthing method, gestation time and infant gender. In this study, we aimed toExpand
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Functional gene profiling through metaRNAseq approach reveals diet-dependent variation in rumen microbiota of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis).
Recent advances in next generation sequencing technology have enabled analysis of complex microbial community from genome to transcriptome level. In the present study, metatranscriptomic approach wasExpand
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Biochemical and Molecular Characterization of Protease from Arthrobotrys conoides And Duddingtonia flagrans
Proteases form nematophagous fungi are most important extracellular hydrolytic enzymes paying a centra l role in cuticle degradation. In the present study, prote ase from two nematode-trapping fungi,Expand
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Complete genome sequence analysis of chicken astrovirus isolate from India
ObjectiveChicken astroviruses have been known to cause severe disease in chickens leading to increased mortality and “white chicks” condition. Here we aim to characterize the causative agent ofExpand
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Microbial diversity and community composition of caecal microbiota in commercial and indigenous Indian chickens determined using 16s rDNA amplicon sequencing
BackgroundThe caecal microbiota plays a key role in chicken health and performance, influencing digestion and absorption of nutrients, and contributing to defence against colonisation by invadingExpand
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Cloning, molecular modeling and characterization of acidic cellulase from buffalo rumen and its applicability in saccharification of lignocellulosic biomass.
Cellulase hydrolyses the cellulose by cleaving the β-1,4-linkages to produce mono-, oligo- and shorter polysaccharide units. These enzymes have applications in various industries such as pulp andExpand
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Metagenomic approach to study the bacterial community in clinical and subclinical mastitis in buffalo
Abstract Mastitis is an inflammatory disease of the mammary gland, which occurs mainly because of infection. Infectious mastitis imposes significant economic losses throughout the world. MetagenomicExpand
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Isolation, molecular characterization and predatory activity of two Indian isolates of nematode-trapping fungi
Two nematode trapping fungi were isolated from the arable soil samples collected from district Anand (Gujarat) India and identified on the basis of their culture-morphological characteristics and 18SExpand
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Microbiota composition, gene pool and its expression in Gir cattle (Bos indicus) rumen under different forage diets using metagenomic and metatranscriptomic approaches.
Zebu (Bos indicus) is a domestic cattle species originating from the Indian subcontinent and now widely domesticated on several continents. In this study, we were particularly interested inExpand
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