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The technical advancement in the anaesthesia workstations has made the peri-operative anaesthesia more safer. Apart from other monitoring options, respiratory gas analysis has become an integral part of the modern anaesthesia workstations. Monitoring devices, such as an oxygen analyser with an audible alarm, carbon dioxide analyser, a vapour analyser,(More)
Tuberculosis is a chronic granulomatous systemic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The oral lesions found in tuberculosis are relatively rare and may present as ulcers, erythematous patches, indurated lesions, nodules or as bony jaw lesions. Oral tubercular lesions sometimes present a confusing clinical presentation and can be(More)
The routine dental practice involves various dental procedures which needs the application of local anesthetics. Generally, there are very few complications associated with these procedures. Complications such as tissue necrosis can occur following the rapid injection of local anesthetic solutions. Palate is a favorable site for soft tissue lesions, various(More)
This paper shows the water quality status and its assessment through Water Quality Index (WQI), various sources of pollution in the river and the possible strategies to restore the water quality of River Kshipra to its pristine status. The data procured from M.P. Pollution Control Board and WQI reveals that its water quality ranges from medium to bad. The(More)
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