Ramesh C Pandey

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Clinical and radiological differences were compared in Fungus positive (74) and negative (66) cases of pulmonary tuberculosis. Cough, expectoration, dyspnoea, and fever were marked in former group than that of latter. Anaemia, leucocytosis, raised ESR, abnormal radiological shadows and mycetoma in healed cavity were also noted in significant number in(More)
Two diastereomeric 2",3"-dibromo cephalomannines and their two corresponding 7-epimers were obtained by treatment of extracts of Taxus yunnanensis with bromine solution under mild conditions. Treatment of the same extract with chlorine solution yielded four diasteromeric 2",3"-dichlorocephalomannines, with no 7-epimers. The diastereomeric mixtures were(More)
The aim of the present study was to test the effects of Pfaffia paniculata (PP) extract on the red blood cell (RBC) rheological properties of patients with sickle cell disease (SCD) and healthy (AA) individuals. Blood from 7 SCD and 4 AA individuals were collected in EDTA tubes. Washed RBCs were incubated with various concentration of PP extract: 0.0, 0.2(More)
Many new natural product-derived pharmaceutically active compounds and compositions, each effective in treating an array of diseases and maladies including various tumors and HIV, have been reportedly isolated from different sources of vegetation, including the bark of yew trees, needles, leaves, fungi, and cell culture of many different species; vegetables(More)
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