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The network structures have changed significantly in the recent years. In spite of the wireless network challenges namely: changes in network topology, high error rates, power restrictions, bandwidth constraints and issues with link capacity, these networks have become popular. Researchers have contributed to a great extent to solve these challenges with(More)
In this paper, a coordination strategy for determining collision free path of end effectors of two manipulators involved in coordinated manipulation is proposed. This strategy consists of collision checking and path planning modules. Collision checking is done by modeling the links and environment of manipulator using sphere swept volume technique and(More)
Vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs) offer a vast number of applications without any support from fixed infrastructure. These applications forward messages in a multi-hop fashion. Designing an efficient routing protocol for all VANET applications is very hard. Hence a survey on routing protocols based on various parameters of VANET is a necessary issue in(More)
BACKGROUND Surgery induces a variety of metabolic, endocrine, and immune changes collectively known as the "stress response," which may often lead to prolonged postoperative convalescence. Anesthetic management may modulate this physiological response, thus affecting the postoperative course. We hypothesized that the intraoperative administration of(More)
Problem statement: Parallel implementation of a CBIR system for medical applications due to the rapid progress in the technologies for obtaining and storing digital images for diagnostic purposes in medicine. Approach: For feature extraction Wavelet decomposition was used for texture, global color histograms for color and novel wavelet based approach for(More)
Mammography is the effective technology for early detection of breast cancer and breast tumour analysis. In mammography, low dose x-ray is used for imaging. Due to the low dose X-ray the images obtained from mammography are poor in contrast and are contaminated by noise. Hence it is difficult for the radiologist to screen the mammograms for any(More)
Identifying the promoter regions play a vital role in understanding human genes. This paper presents a new cellular automata based text clustering algorithm for identifying these promoter regions in genomic DNA. Experimental results confirm the applicability of cellular automata based text clustering algorithm for identifying these regions. We also note an(More)
Classification of iris templates based on their texture patterns is one of the most effective methods in iris recognition systems. This paper proposes a novel algorithm for automatic iris classification based on fractal dimensions of Haar wavelet transforms is presented. Fractal dimensions obtained from multiple scale features are used to characterize the(More)
—Genes carry the instructions for making proteins that are found in a cell as a specific sequence of nucleotides that are found in DNA molecules. But, the regions of these genes that code for proteins may occupy only a small region of the sequence. Identifying the coding regions play a vital role in understanding these genes. In this paper we have explored(More)