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Osteosarcoma (OS), a rare malignant bone tumour arising from primitive bone forming mesenchyme, most often arises in the metaphyses of long bones of the extremities. Bone or osteoid formation within the tumour is characteristic of an osteosarcoma. Craniofacial osteosarcoma (CFOS), most often located in the mandible or maxilla, accounts for only 5-13% of all(More)
Data on 41 kala-azar patients were collected and the series of serological tests employed to diagnose the disease were compared depending upon their sensitivity and specificity indices. The indirect fluorescent antibody test (IFAT) was found to be 100% sensitive and specific. The direct agglutination test (DAT) involving detection of agglutinating(More)
Transverse maxillary deficiencies are a common occurance, prevalent in both syndromic and non syndromic patients. Treatment usually combines a orthodontic-surgical intervention in adults. This article reviews the procedures along with the experience of the authors in the correction of maxillary transverse deficiency in adults.
Purified phenolic glycolipid (PGL-1) from Mycobacterium leprae was used to detect IgG antibodies against PGL-1 in leprosy patients in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). A total of 698 sera were screened; they came from patients suffering from leprosy, autoimmune disease, myeloma, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Cases with(More)
Reports in the literature indicate the use of animal models for testing newer anti-leishmanial drugs in vivo. However, in certain established cell lines and macrophages in vitro models have the advantage over the in vivo system of simplicity and speed with which the results can be obtained. A simple in vitro system using peritoneal exudate macrophages of(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the efficacy of two point rigid internal fixation in the immobilization of zygomatic complex fractures. PATIENTS AND METHODS 30 patients with zygomatic complex fractures were managed by open reduction and internal fixation using titanium mini bone plate screws at the frontozygomatic and zygomatic buttress region. This prospective study(More)
The hypothalamo-limbic system has been implicated in recognizing the affective significance of pain and elicitation of related emotional responses. Several evidences from different studies support a role of these areas in endogenous analgesic mechanisms for pain modulation as elucidated by different pain tests in more than one animal model. In the above(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate the cases of mandibular fractures treated by open reduction and rigid fixation at the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. METHODS Two hundred and thirteen mandibular fractures cases were treated by open reduction and rigid fixation from Jun 1998 to Jun 2006. These were retrospectively analyzed based on the following patient related(More)