Ramech C. Gupta

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The mechanism by which C1q inhibited soluble collagen-induced platelet aggregation was examined. Platelet aggregation induced by soluble collagen in gel filtrated platelets was inhibited by the addition of C1q. There were no cross-reactions between C1q, purified soluble collagen receptor and both of their polyclonal antibodies in enzyme-linked immunosorbent(More)
In order to explore the interrelationship between plasma and cerebrospinal fluid taurine concentrations, three consecutive 6-ml fractions of cerebrospinal fluid were drawn from 30 healthy male volunteers in the early morning after 8 h in the fasting condition. Repeated plasma samples were drawn over 24 h the day before lumbar puncture. Taurine in plasma and(More)
BACKGROUND Renovascular hypertension (RVH) impairs cardiac structure and left ventricular (LV) function, but whether mitochondrial injury is implicated in RVH-induced myocardial damage and dysfunction has not been defined. We hypothesized that cardiac remodeling in swine RVH is partly attributable to cardiac mitochondrial injury. METHODS AND RESULTS After(More)
Fibronectin (Fn) is an integral constituent of the endothelial cell surface and the basement membrane. The mechanism for binding DNA/anti-DNA complexes to Fn was examined in a solid-phase assay. In physiological buffer, a low-affinity binding of DNA was observed with Fn and optimal binding was seen at pH 6.5 and in the absence of Ca2+. Further, the(More)
A 52-year-old man developed rheumatoid factor negative, chronic, symmetrical polyarthritis associated with high intermittent fever and morbilliform evanescent rash at the onset. A detailed investigation and follow-up for two years failed to reveal any secondary cause. The onset and course resemble Still's disease in children. The synovial membrane histology(More)
To assess prevalence of acid fast bacilli (AFB) in Ajmer, a retrospective analysis of 8 years was done in 1905 AFB cultures in various clinical specimens. All specimens were cultured on Lowenstein-Jensen slants after decontamination and concentration using modified Petroff's method. Smears were stained by Ziehl-Neelsen technique with acid and alcohol to(More)
Humoral factors, phagocytosis, bactericidal capability, and ultrastructural morphology of blood polymorphonuclear leukocytes were investigated in 10 patients with Felty's syndrome. Five patients had suffered significant bacterial infections in the past two years while five other patients had not had bacterial infections. The patients with infections had(More)
The rhino mouse, an experimental model for systemic lupus erythematosus, was found to have murine leukemia virus particles present in the skin. Immunoperoxidase studies with anti-type C virus antibody indicated viral antigen presence in the sebaceous cells and surrounding follicular cysts of the dermis. Electron microscope studies show virus particles, both(More)