Ramdane Maamri

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Service composition is a very complex and challenging task, especially when it has to consider not only the services properties and their dependencies but also users constraints. In this paper we propose a semantic based approach for web service composition, which allows users to define different kinds of constraints: local, global and choreography(More)
Most of the studies on the semiautomated composite Web services select concrete services based on the functional and/or non- functional attributes. However, they do not consider relationships between these attributes in the description of services or the user constraints. In this work, we propose an approach, which relates services to objects (resources)(More)
With the increasing number of web services in the web, discovering web services is becoming the most urgent problem to be resolved. In this paper we present a framework for Web services discovery and selection based on intelligent software agents, OWL-S and domain ontologies. With semantics provided by OWL-S and domain concepts, match and discovery engine(More)
Service-oriented computing (SOC) is an interdisciplinary paradigm that revolutionizes the very fabric of distributed software development applications that adopt service-oriented architectures (SOA) can evolve during their lifespan and adapt to changing or unpredictable environments more easily. SOA is built around the concept of Web Services. Although the(More)
Agents evolving in complex and dynamic multi-agent systems need to plan their tasks and to adapt their behavior in order to react to unpredictable events. Therefore they must have plans that remain subject to continual updating, even during its execution. Although this property is important in dynamic environments, it is difficult to have a trade-off(More)
The test is a significant aspect of software development and plays a considerable role in detecting errors in the implementation phase. As the software becomes more pervasive and more often employed to achieve critical tasks, it will be increasingly required to be of high quality. Significant reductions in the cost of software development and software(More)