Rambabu A. Vatti

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Throughput is the key parameter used to estimate the quality of service of the Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN). Energy efficiency and security are the important parameters to be addressed after network achieves required level of quality of service. Many research papers have been published on the subject of energy efficiency, but the throughput of the(More)
In Ad-Hoc network there are many problems, which can be categorized as an optimization problem such as energy consumption, routing, localization, node deployment. Many researchers have done research to solve these problems and recently new class of routing algorithms came up which is based on Swarm Intelligence. Ant Colony algorithm is inspired from(More)
Noise always degrades the quality of ECG signal. ECG noise removal is complicated due to time varying nature of ECG signal. As the ECG signal is used for the primary diagnosis and analysis of heart diseases, a good quality of ECG signal is necessary. A survey of various types of noises corrupting ECG signal and various approaches based on Wavelet Transform,(More)
The river bridges are the main connective parts of the world. The deterioration or damage of the river bridges occurs due to natural disasters, environmental conditions or may be changes takes place under the piers causes loss of connectivity, loss of lives, excessive repairs at times. Therefore it is important to monitor the structural health of river(More)
This paper presents Markov Chain modeling of the randomly deployed IEEE 802.15.4 based Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN) in which, the wireless sensor nodes communicate to the coordinator in a single hop. In Most of the previous works, the un-slotted Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) channel access mechanism and the(More)
Throughput is the key parameter to estimate quality of service of wireless sensor networks (WSN). Many research papers were published on improving energy efficiency, but throughput improvement has not been extensively investigated. In this paper, the authors propose a Variable rate and Adaptive Traffic Tuning Algorithm to improve throughput. The traffic in(More)
Though the fast depletion of conventional energy reserves motivating the generation and usage of nonconventional energy sources, the initial investment on wind energy converters and their high maintenance cost due to the height of the wind tower, down time cost due to nonavailability of skilled maintenance technicians on time, are forcing the rural people(More)
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