Ramazan Bayindir

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In this study, an intelligent decision making system which determines the compatibility of operating parameters has been designed for the travelling wave ultrasonic motor (TWUSM). The system designed converts input parameters and operating temperature into useful data by rule-based inference mechanism and these data are evaluated in Naïve Bayes(More)
This study introduces original system architecture for the Web based remote experimentation applications for e-learning systems. The speed control of a traveling wave ultrasonic motor (USM) is achieved as a remote experimental study over the Internet to illustrate the architecture. For this reason, a microcontroller based digitally controlled drive system(More)
Researches done based on basic inverter topologies show that multilevel inverters (MLIs) have many advantages, such as low power dissipation on power switches, low dv/dt ratios, low harmonic and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) outputs. The most common MLI topologies have been studied to define the most appropriate structure for Sinusoidal Pulse Width(More)
Active power systems have been used in power system intensively. Selection of a suitable filter is very important to solve power quality problems perfectly. Since filter selection depend on a lot of parameters of power system, decision support systems can be employed in filter selection. In this paper, "An Intelligent Decision Support System, IDSS" is(More)
This study presents development of the system architecture to perform laboratory experiments over the Internet for electrical engineering education. Design and implementation of four-quadrant speed control experiment for a direct current (DC) motor is given in the article as a sample remote experimental study. The system designed consists of four main parts(More)
This paper presents a novel technique based on artificial neural networks (ANNs) to correct the line power factor with variable loads. A synchronous motor controlled by the neural compensator was used to handle the reactive power of the system. The ANN compensator was trained with the extended delta-bar-delta learning algorithm. The parameters of the ANN(More)
This study introduces an intelligent power factor correction approach based on Linear Regression (LR) and Ridge Regression (RR) methods. The 10-fold Cross Validation (CV) test protocol has been used to evaluate the performance. The best test performance has been obtained from the LR in comparison with RR. The empirical results have evaluated that the(More)
In this paper, a novel control algorithm has been proposed to regulate the DC bus voltage of a single phase shunt active power filter using a fuzzy logic controller. The DC bus voltage of a shunt active power filter should be controlled to compensate the filter losses on the grid. In many industrial applications, a PI controller is generally used to(More)
Wind energy acquires reputation since the previous few decades. The importance of wind energy topic leads new investigation ranges due to the operation of turbines. The operation of the turbine mainly occurs in the generator. In this study, a MATLAB/GUI (Graphical User Interface) has been developed to compare the differences between the generator types used(More)
Solar energy is one of the clean and renewable energy sources that are mostly available in the world. As a result of this situation, there are many research studies done on the solar energy in order to get the maximum solar radiation during the day time, to estimate the solar power generation and to increase the efficiency of solar systems. In this paper,(More)