Ramazan Bayindir

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This paper describes a water pumping control system that is designed for production plants and implemented in an experimental setup in a laboratory. These plants contain harsh environments in which chemicals, vibrations or moving parts exist that could potentially damage the cabling or wires that are part of the control system. Furthermore, the data has to(More)
Due to their ability to synthesize waveforms with better harmonic spectrum and attain higher voltages, multi-level inverters are receiving increasing attention in the past few years. The multilevel inverter was introduced as a solution to increase the converter operating voltage above the voltage limits of classical semiconductors. In this paper, a Diode(More)
This study introduces original system architecture for the Web based remote experimentation applications for e-learning systems. The speed control of a traveling wave ultrasonic motor (USM) is achieved as a remote experimental study over the Internet to illustrate the architecture. For this reason, a microcontroller based digitally controlled drive system(More)
In this study, an intelligent decision making system which determines the compatibility of operating parameters has been designed for the travelling wave ultrasonic motor (TWUSM). The system designed converts input parameters and operating temperature into useful data by rule-based inference mechanism and these data are evaluated in Naïve Bayes(More)
The network requirements of control systems in industrial applications increase day by day. The Internet based control system and various fieldbus systems have been designed in order to meet these requirements. This paper describes an Internet based control system with wireless fieldbus communication designed for distributed processes. The system was(More)
Researches done based on basic inverter topologies show that multilevel inverters (MLIs) have many advantages, such as low power dissipation on power switches, low dv/dt ratios, low harmonic and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) outputs. The most common MLI topologies have been studied to define the most appropriate structure for Sinusoidal Pulse Width(More)
Though natural droop control technique is a familiar technique to control the voltage and frequency droop in microgrid application, due to some limitations to handle different cases of application, at present time, it is not appreciable to the scientists and researchers world-wide and virtual droop control technique is developing into the most prominent(More)
Active power systems have been used in power system intensively. Selection of a suitable filter is very important to solve power quality problems perfectly. Since filter selection depend on a lot of parameters of power system, decision support systems can be employed in filter selection. In this paper, "An Intelligent Decision Support System, IDSS" is(More)
This paper introduces the use of hardware implementation of a real time neural network controller set for reactive power compensation (RPC) systems with synchronous motor. In this study, measurement of parameters required in systems such as current, phase differences, frequency and power are measured by means of a PIC 18F452 microcontroller with high(More)
This study presents development of the system architecture to perform laboratory experiments over the Internet for electrical engineering education. Design and implementation of four-quadrant speed control experiment for a direct current (DC) motor is given in the article as a sample remote experimental study. The system designed consists of four main parts(More)