Ramazan Aygun

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In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of a stand-alone real-time system for protein crystallization image acquisition and classification with a goal to assist crystallographers in scoring crystallization trials. In-house assembled fluorescence microscopy system is built for image acquisition. The images are classified into three(More)
The goal of protein crystallization screening is the determination of the main factors of importance to crystallizing the protein under investigation. One of the major issues about determining these factors is that screening is often expanded to many hundreds or thousands of conditions to maximize combinatorial chemical space coverage for maximizing the(More)
Camera calibration has many applications in various computer vision fields such as pose estimation, robot navigation, trajectory tracking, and object recognition. Camera calibration involves (mostly) determining the intrinsic parameters of a camera so that problems or distortions caused by the camera's optics or manufacturing could be estimated for proper(More)
The reagent N,N-diethyl-N'-benzoylthiourea produces a green complex with rhenium in hydrochloric acid medium in the presence of tin(II) chloride. The complex extracted into toluene shows an absorption maximum at 383 nm, obeys Beer's law from 1.5 to 22 micrograms ml-1 of rhenium while its molar absorptivity and Sandell sensitivity are 6.66 x 10(3) L mol-1(More)
Online social network analysis has attracted great attention with a vast number of users sharing information and availability of APIs that help to crawl online social network data. In this paper, we study the research studies that are helpful for user characterization as online users may not always reveal their true identity or attributes. We especially(More)
Thousands of experiments corresponding to different combinations of conditions are set up to determine the relevant conditions for successful protein crystallization. In recent years, high throughput robotic set-ups have been developed to automate the protein crystallization experiments, and imaging techniques are used to monitor the crystallization(More)
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