Ramazan Aslan

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BACKGROUND The aim of the present study was to evaluate potential myocardial protection by trimetazidine by measurement of the cardiac marker protein troponin T (TnT) during coronary bypass operations. METHODS We conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study on 30 randomized patients who had aorta-coronary artery bypass operations. The TMZ group was(More)
In this study, the potentially beneficial effects of preoperative treatment with glucose, insulin and potassium in a randomized series of 30 consecutive patients undergoing mitral valve replacement, who were in the third and fourth functional groups of the New York Heart Association scale, were investigated. Fifteen patients received glucose, insulin and(More)
A 69-year-old woman presented to the emergency department with sudden onset of dyspnea. She reported bilateral total knee surgery 12 days prior for gonarthrosis. The patient was recommended low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) 0.4 cc (4 milliliter) twice a day. On evaluation, severe thrombocytopenia was detected. An echocardiogram was performed because of(More)
This study evaluated the effects of aprotinin on plasma levels of elastase, platelet count, fibrinogen levels and postoperative bleeding. Thirty cardiac surgery patients were randomly chosen for this study. The protease inhibitor aprotinin was given in high doses to 20 patients before and during cardiopulmonary bypass; 10 patients served as the control(More)
The activation of the complement system was investigated in 10 patients with rheumatic valve disease having heart surgery. The C3c, C4, leukocyte count and polymorphonuclear neutrophil count were determined in the blood samples taken before anaesthesia, after anaesthesia, 10 minutes after protamine administration and after the closure of the skin incision.(More)
We compared the use of right infra-axillary minithoracotomy and conventional median sternotomy in direct open-heart surgery in 59 adults undergoing elective surgery for mitral valve stenosis, mitral valve disease, atrial septal defect repair, left atrial myxoma excision or mitral and tricuspid valve disease. Patients were randomized to the infra-axillary(More)
Evidence is growing that magnesium supplementation in patients undergoing cardiac surgery is beneficial, however the best administration route has not been established. Previously, we showed that intra-operative direct flush infusion of magnesium into the aortic root before reperfusion was effective. The present study compared pre-operative oral(More)
In this study, the authors administered high dose (30 mg/kg body weight i.v.) methylprednisolone before cardiopulmonary bypass to observe the effects on complement, immunoglobulins and pulmonary neutrophil sequestration. Fifty patients undergoing valve replacements were included in this study. Patients were divided into two groups: group I (20 patients)(More)
We have used umbilical veins as experimental graft materials for superior vena cava replacement. The patency rate of these grafts in 25 laboratory animals was 96%; the mortality and graft thrombosis rate was 4%. Histopathologically, no evidence of rejection was detected in the graft material. These results suggest that umbilical veins are superior to other(More)