Ramazan Çetinkaya

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of oral lesions in 13- to 16-year-old students. METHODS A cross-sectional survey was carried out on students in Duzce, a province in the western Black Sea region of Turkey. A total of 993 children aged between 13 and 16 from eight secondary schools were examined. Oral lesions with recurrent(More)
OBJECTIVE There are various causes of halitosis, one of which is chronic renal failure. The objective of this study was to investigate halitosis levels in end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients before and after peritoneal dialysis (PD) therapy. METHODS 42 subjects with ESRD were included in this study. The presence of halitosis was assessed using an(More)
Noncompliance with regard to diet, medications and routine physician visits is frequently observed among some patient groups. This results in late graft dysfunction and behavior loss. In the present study, we defined compliance as attendance at 80% or more outpatient visits. The study included 63 cadaveric and 158 living-related renal transplant recipients(More)
This study was carried out to determine lumbar and femoral bone mineral density (BMD) in patients with familial Mediterranean fever (FMF), an autosomal-recessive disease characterized by recurrent episodes of peritonitis, pleuritis, and arthritis, which are usually associated with fever. In patients with FMF and control subjects, erythrocyte sedimentation(More)
Patients who have vasculitis in pregnancy generally have a grim prognosis. Vasculitis occurring during pregnancy may have a more aggressive course and require more aggressive treatment than vasculitis occurring at other times. A 29-year-old woman who presented in the 16th week of her third intrauterine pregnancy was diagnosed as having active microscopic(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS This study evaluated the effect of telmisartan on the livers of diabetic rats and also aimed to determine the hepatic distribution and role of transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) in diabetes-related hepatic degeneration while taking into account the possible protective effects of telmisartan. METHODS Fifteen adult male rats were(More)
OBJECTIVE Three molecular forms of prolactin with molecular weights of 23 (monomeric), 50 - 60 and > 100 kDA (macroprolactin) have been defined. Prolactin levels have been shown to be reduced in especially poorly controlled diabetes mellitus and the prevalence of macroprolactinemia in diabetic patients has been higher than the non-diabetic population. (More)
AIMS Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) is an autosomal recessive hereditary disease. Clinical symptoms and findings (phenotypes) seen in this disease are generally fever, abdominal pain, and arthritis. Amyloidosis is also a significant complication. Phenotype-genotype correlations in FMF have not been conclusively resolved. The aims of this study were to(More)
Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) is characterized by recurrent attacks of fever and serositis. Typical attacks of FMF last 3 to 5 days. Fever and myalgia are not always improved by colchicine therapy and sometimes require steroid therapy. We present two cases of severe prolonged febrile myalgia where steroid therapy was needed.