Ramayah Thurasamy

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This paper presents the research agenda that has been proposed to develop an integrated model to explain technology adoption of SMEs in Malaysia. SMEs form over 90% of all business entities in Malaysia and they have been contributing to the development of the nation. Technology adoption has been a thorn issue among SMEs as they require big outlay which(More)
This study investigates the demand side of the piracy problem of music CDs in Malaysia. The findings demonstrate the applicability of the modified Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) in predicting buying attitude towards pirated CDs though social influences and consumers' personality characteristics. Results show that normative susceptibility, integrity, gender(More)
Building upon the social exchange theory, this paper hypothesized the direct effect of bases of power on job stress with mentoring as moderator. Power bases and job stresses were conceptualized as 7- and 3- dimensional constructs, respectively. One hundred and ninety-five Malaysian managers and executives working in large-scale multinational companies(More)
Technology advancement is gaining a great deal of attention among young individual. Technology has significantly impacted and changed the context and the way young people live in recent years particularly in developing countries across Asian regions. Telecommunication companies have noticed the importance of e-lifestyle factors which largely will influence(More)
Notwithstanding the rise of trendy coffee café, little is done to investigate revisit intention towards the café in the context of developing markets. In particular, there is a lack of study which provides theoretical and practical explanation to the perceptions and behaviours of infrequent customers. Hence, the study aims to look into the subject matter by(More)
The Internet is the interlinking of the worldwide computer networks that enables faster communication by utilising various means of access technologies. It is playing a major role in many areas of our lives, such as communication, entertainment and information which is supported by newer innovations and technology evolvement. While the broadband Internet(More)
BACKGROUND From the Theory of Planned Behaviour perspective, sexual intention is determined by a permissive attitude, perception of social norms and perceived self-efficacy in performing sexual activity. The aim of this study was to develop and validate the Youth Sexual Intention Questionnaire (YSI-Q), which was designed to measure sexual intention among(More)
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