Ramasamy Ramachandran

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This paper expounds a methodology of developing a policy tool for developing a National Strategic Framework on Bridging Digital Divide (NSF-BDD) for the Ninth Malaysia Plan (2006--2010). Lack of adequate data Information Communications Technology (ICT) penetration rates in terms of scope, coverage and timeliness were duly addressed through augmenting(More)
Can the internet promote democratization by weakening government control of the media? To examine this question, I develop a model where internet penetration decreases incumbent party vote share by greatly increasing the cost of buying off the media. I test the model against evidence from Malaysia, where the incumbent coalition lost its 40 year monopoly on(More)
This paper adopted the H-Model Framework to assess the organizational capability of the contemporary information and communications technology services (ICTS) sector. The ICTS sector needs to not only cope with new age forces that come in different technological shapes and shades, but also has to build up capabilities to provide efficient and effective ICT(More)
This paper analyzes the Hopfield neural network for storage and recall of fingerprint images. The paper first discusses the storage and recall via hebbian learning rule and then the performance enhancement via the pseudo-inverse learning rule. Performance is measured with respect to storage capacity; recall of distorted or noisy patterns. Here we test the(More)
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